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Learn more about company JAHO Invest s.r.o. We believe that every good partnership should be based on trust, so you should know some concrete information about our services.

Here you can find answers for FAQs that could help you. If you do not find an answer for your question here, please contact us by the contact form.

Where are you from and where you can help me?

Our company is based in Prague. We can solve your problem wherever in Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic. In the need of personal meeting, please contact us, and our regional worker will be glad to meet with you.

In what amount you accept receivables?

If the receivable is justified and the creditor has all necessary documents proving his claim, we will accept your receivable, no matter in what amount.

How expensive are your services?

Our commission is based on the materials that you will give us. Our prize would be set according to the quality of the receivable and debtors rating. Generally, the commission is between 15 – 30 % from the recovered amount, considering the amount of the receivable. In case our work is not successful, and we do not bring you any money from your debtor, you are not paying us anything.

What if my debtor is in bankruptcy and I do not have any materials to my receivable?

Sorry, we do not accept these receivables.

Which materials are needed for acceptation of my receivable?

We consider important purchase orders and confirmed delivery notes, invoices, acknowledgments of debts, bills, loan agreements, leasing contracts and etc. The claim must be clearly provable.

How do we work?

We work intensely, carefully, systematically and restlessly. We will not let the debtor to take a rest and we will systematically put a pressure on him, so he will change his mind and pay the debt. Everything is done according to the law.

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