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Global Inkaso, s.r.o., would like to offer you its free consultancy. We believe that you would agree with the claim that in the time of global financial crises is a luxury to not enforce receivables. If you have some debtor, you have to agree that you would rather have your money back and could deal with all your money. Global Inkaso believes that nobody should be punished for dealing with insolvent partner, who does not want to fulfill his obligations. Your situation could be solved by several ways.

The first option is to take your case before the court. If you succeed you will reach the judgment that would confirm your right. The important disadvantage of this way is the fact that the average duration of the judicial proceeding in Czech Republic is one of the longest in Europe. The duration of the judicial proceeding will limit you in dealing with your money and you will have to pay cost for legal proceedings. On the other side, your debtor will have a lot of time to prepare, so he has no money left for you. Some says that time means money, but in this situation it does not mean that you do not have to hurry with getting your money back. You should also keep in mind that you will need a professional lawyer. In USA, only the lawyers of the winning party will get their honorarium. In Czech Republic you will have to pay to your lawyer even if you lose. Also you will have to pay for any advice or act of your lawyer.

The second option is to use the services of JAHO Invest s.r.o. The services of our company are based on the opposite standards. Our goal is to bring you your money back as soon as possible and not just to give you the court decision that often does not mean anything. Unlike the court, we work effectively and rapidly. You will also like the fact that if our work is not successful, you do not pay us anything. That means that you will pay us only if we are successful and if we bring you your money back. This is a good motivation for us, because we need to work quickly without losing a time.

If you use our free consultancy, we will analyze your receivables and offer you several solutions. Free consultancy is really free and you do not have to make any commitment. Only if you are satisfied with our advices, you can choose us as your representative and we would do as much as possible to get your money back to you.

Please do not hesitate to use our services and contact us, so we can set a personal meeting.


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